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Sunday, May 20th 9:53 PM

Nobody that knows me (yes, I'm writing my own bio) should know that I'm not all about the "yes, this artist is God" bios, so don't be expecting anything about "breaking sonic boundaries" which, sadly is in pretty much every bio I've ever read. So anyway, without further procrastination:

DjRust, or Graham Smith, or...I was born in 1983 and started classical piano training at age 6. That pretty much opened up the realm of music. It was a basis for music theory, and although I really only play or write things by how they sound after the fact, it helps tremendously to know what the hell you're doing while writing these types of things. So anyway, I continued playing piano for about 8 years or so when I finally quit out of sheer boredom with the restrictions of the classical piano; not to insult anyone who takes it or persuade them out of it, but any given instrument has it's limits. So regardless, I moved on to saxaphone in junior high, then onto guitar, then eventually, bass, drums, vocals, recorder (lol!) keyboards, synths, programming, and turntables which aren't really an instrument, but you can get quite a few different sounds out of them.

DjRust was really created as kind of a joke about myself. I started messing around with Magix Music Maker V2000 which was the first and only program I ever actually bought. I used it to create a few songs using strictly loops off the cd and made 2 or 3 songs out of it. The ones I can remember are unfortunately completely lost, and you'll find the titles and brief description on the discography section of the page. Soon after I got bored just working with other people's full loops I found some other not-as-good programs, but ultimately came up with this ungodly program called FruityLoops. Which I downloaded the demo of, fell in love with, and proceeded to write about 95% of Building LeftField on. I started sampling random sounds from wherever I went and started to fx them and sequence them into songs. This ultimately lead to the production and release of Building LeftField. This met to some amazing reviews from friends and various people in the scene, ultimately being played at local clubs, on the radio, and by the infamous Dj Dan.

Building LeftField, released in March of 2000 was the first and only cd I put out to date. It was an unmixed, unedited 8 song cd which made limited rounds to all of my friends and some people that I have the privaledge of calling fans. Some of the random noises that I recorded made it on there, and even though they were originally very bad quality ($20 mini-recorder to computer line in) fx make up about 90% of dance music. Professional Goodnight, featuring Liz King for vocals was recorded over a phone line then filtered out to what you hear in the recording.

After Building LeftField was released, I went through a period of time where I was frustrated with how every song I wrote was coming out and was also preoccupied with my rock band Philander, which I'm now back involved with. Needless to say, I didn't write anything in a little under a year. Finally I found another ungodly program called Buzz, which is *gasp* free. I'd recommend checking it out at and So anyway, back in late February I wrote StealStrike in Buzz, which was on WKDU Philadelphia 91.7FM, but will probably not get a proper release due to it's rushed composing and my personal lack of interest in it.

However, now that I'm back to writing stuff in Buzz, Madtracker 2 (which is also insane) and Fruityloops, I've created a more deep ambient trance kind of feel to it. Future Life, which is hopefully my next cd should be out fairly soon, probably over Summer of 2001. You can always check out my page to see how far the album's come along. Well, actually I'm working on a 6th song when the page only has the first 3, but whatever. It should be a concept album, and judging by the intro I think you might be able to figure out exactly what that concept is.

So yeah, that's me, DjRust, Graham Smith, enjoy