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Halo Industries :: Bio <DjRust>

I think I've committed to writing my own bio by now, simply because I don't think anyone else would get it completely right.

So anyway, a bit of boring musical history: I was born in 1983 pretty much where I live now. I started taking piano very early in the Suzuki method, which is basically playing mostly by ear. I played for about 8 years under the same teacher, but really got bored of the medium and the kind of creative restrictions being set by strictly playing other composer's classical work. While that's all well and good some of the time, I figure that to really become an artist you can't have too much of a background in other's work because obviously, whether you're conscious of it or not, you'll be repeating it. So anyway, after doing that whole thing I got into sax in middle school band and once again played stuff out of the books.