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Halo Industries :: DjRust :: Discography

This page should list every song I've ever done, especially those I released, and for those that I've lost, as much as I can remember about them

In Dust (single) circa Winter 1998 ::LOST::

Cross :: Done in Magix, using nearly all preset loops. Basic trance feel bridging into industrial. I can't even really call it mine, because it was all preset loops, but at least the arrangement was mine. The name comes from my dare-I-say near obsession with religion and it's influences on the human mind.

Syndicate :: The second song, done in Magix, also using all preset loops, very industrial, but pretty cool none the less. Industrial as a genre leads to industry leads to syndicate, good name right?

Acid Jaw I:: Originally started out using various loops. It has a more live feel than those done completely in Magix thanks to my using Mixman studio which allows for hitting a button to loop a given thing. It's really just a sampler, but I was amazed with it because I couldn't afford a hardware one.

Acid Jaw II:: Another Mixman invention. It uses some of the same pack that I used to make the first Acid Jaw. The name was originally from the genre, like most of the songs, as well as the actual name of the demo. The style was somewhat acid and jam became jaw as a typo, but stuck.

Mindslam:: VERY industrial. This was my first song in Fruityloops version 1.5 or something like that. It uses mostly the preset samples, but a few drum patterns of my own design as well as the cheesy pitched hihat thing. It had a few loops from the simsynth presets, but still sounded decent and made up what I could almost call my first real song, but that didn't really come until LowTrace. Mindslam's name was just from the generall essence being fairly brutal, and probably if you turned the volume up enough, pretty brutal to listen to as well.

303Down:: Almost happy hardcore...almost. It was a basic four on the floor break with an organ and some synths thrown over the top, still using simsynth presets in fruityloops of course, but this was when I found out about the 303 and of course had to add some of the sounds into my music. It was a bit downtempo as well, hence 303Down.

LowTrace:: My first real song that I did entirely with single samples as opposed to loops. Very very slick trance. I was all about industrial until I heard Flaming June by BT and figured out exactly how much talent can go into electronic music, not just deafening thuds and whatever. This was my pride and joy for a while, like DjRust was LowTrace and that was just it. Of course this was only until I got around to writing Syphon. This track ended In Dust which unfortunately is completely lost. I recorded it to tape, reformatted and lost the tape. Go figure.

Building LeftField (EP) Spring 2000

Syphon:: Welcome to Building LeftField, and what says welcome more than stomping Industrial Jungle? Occasionally I'll finish a song in one sitting that turns out to be great and will inspire me for a while to come. Syphon kick started Building LeftField, which is why it's the first track you hear when you throw on the cd. While I did obviously use drum loops and certain fx, they were all messe with in some shape or form, even the Harmen break towards the end was messed with.

Hit Me:: Named after a James Brown sample I jacked. Oops. I don't think he can technically sue me on that one... Anyway, hit me is pretty much hard non-detroity techno made in Fruityloops with quite a few samples. It makes the second track on Building LeftField, and that's about it.

Building LeftField:: If Syphon didn't completely kick off this cd, this song did. Based on an extremely strange dream I had at the time, Building LeftField is my first song that really held the style for a long time. It starts out with very trippy kind of chords into a tight break into four on the floor house/trance. Alot of the samples in this are delayed to all hell. But it still makes one of the most simplistic productions I've ever done and was my favorite song that I'd done for a while.

Clipper (db170 mix):: Very choppy I-Don't-want-to-say-hardcore-but-it-probably-is song. Named clipper because the samples are not interwoven at all. It was based on the feeling that none of the ideas really connect at times. Very very chaotic song using mostly FM synth samples within Fruityloops. DB170 is the original mix for the most part, just faster and more well...DB stands for decibels, one hundred seventy of them to be exact. Or maybe 170 BPM OR maybe Drum and Bass at 170BPM. Who knows.

Dreaming at Dawn:: First song using the live controls and effects built into Fruityloops. It was more of a personal trying-to-figure-things-out than an actual song. But, none the less, it made it onto Building Leftfield and is probably my most boring released song to date. oops. It's based around a single static bassline and a very basic drum pattern with some synths thrown in.

Epic Underground:: A song I wrote after listening to Fluke's Goodnight Lover way way way too much. Starts off with an FM sounding Bell then leads in to some casual synths which builds until everything drops out for two seconds and all hell breaks loose. The chorus can only be defined as chaotic, and chaotic really doesn't do it justice, extremely tight patterns with somewhat of a rock feel thrown in. Leads out and back in through these two patterns until they fuse at the end somewhat.

Professional Goodnight:: A very very smooth trance song written in a few days. The song features vocals by my ex girlfriend Liz King. It was actually recorded over the phone, chopped up rearranged and put through a filter to get the sound that you hear on the cd. The vocals are very nice though. A very long build goes into a four on the floor break after two minutes and makes the longest song on the cd and a very laid back ending.


SteelStrike:: When I first picked up Buzz Tracker, which I'd highly recommend since it's kinda free BUZZ I initially wrote this distorted drum and bass song from scratch. Extremely dirty and at about 160BPM it's various synths and a plucked string which was initially trying to duplicate the sound in Roni Size/Reprazent's Brown Paper Bag. However, that idea was scrapped for various reasons and came out into SteelStrike. It was played on Dj Kel's radio show called THE NOD on WKDU 91.7FM Philadelphia. However, due to my personal lack of interest in it, it never got a real release and probably will never unless I rewrite it, which I don't think will be happening.

Eye:: Eye was my first really ambient kind of symphonic piece. It sounds more like a James Bond movie than my music, but oh well. Probably came about from listening to too much propellerheads, but whatever. It's on my page (

Final Slide:: A joke about my inspiration really. Very smooth goldfish tank sounding song. Lots of slides on a customized synth fill out the song which transitions into what could be another song, but it really fits into one quite nicely. also on my page.

Madonna - Bedtime Story (Rust Remix):: Yes, I did do a remix of a Madonna song. This was back in the beginning. I was out of inspiration and asked my brother "name a cheesy pop song I could f*** with" and he came up with Madonna, so hey, why not. It's faster, very delayed and with fewer words to add impact or something like that. It still however, maintains some of it's cheesy popishness.

Future Life (EP) TBA

NOTE:: I'm currently working on this and the song order/titles/mixes might change as well as the album name. This is just what I have so far.

Ominous:: Leadin to the cd. I used a computer speech synth and you can hear it on the flash intro to my site. There are a few alludes and breaks inbetween songs on Future Life

Softer:: Written entirely in Buzz, this is extremely ambient slow noise. It registers at about 120BPM and the slowest song I've released at that, aside from maybe Eye. Inspired by the ideas and concepts of Future Life as well as a remix of Swords by Leftfield featuring Nicole Willis. It leads out into Descention.

Descention:: Makes the second song on Future Life and maybe the third track, I don't know. Thick synths and plucked string patterns dominate this song entirely written in Buzz. Makes up one of the two major themes in Future Life along with Ascention. While they sound nothing alike, that's somewhat of the point, and no, I'm not trying to be profound here.

Future Life:: a leadout from Descention leads into the title track of the cd. Laid back to rushing epic trance. I've always been obsessed with epic trance/house and this is the first song that I've done that somewhat falls into that category while still maintaining my style embedded within it.

Cycle:: The second allude on the cd. It's quite a bit longer than Ominous. At about 2:35 it actually has a beat and a fairly tribal feel to it. It has more computer speech synths and is much like ominous as far as the lyrical content goes, in the actual content, and that pretty much nobody can figure out what it's saying.

Gate:: Very rushing epic hard trance with a very very cool chord progression. And a kinda wierd variation on the four on the floor break. The name....well I couldn't tell you. But it still maintains the general sentiment of Future Life however.

Sanction:: Originally derived from the phrase "respectable sanctity" this song is pretty much solid trance. It also makes my longest song to date at 8:01. I used multiple instruments in this one; piano, string, 3 types of synths, chimes, guitar, and a bassline synth.

Motivation Waiting:: A while ago I saw the film Requiem For A Dream which was one of the most powerful movies I've ever seen. I really liked the soundtrack as well featuring generally the same scoring as the film Pi along with the Kronos String Quartet. I was so impressed by the style that I decided to incorporate more strings than usual into Motivation Waiting, which is a little over 7 minutes long. The actual song is extremely melodic breakbeat/trance in the Dj Rust tradition (riiiiight) but it's very cool and some non-electronic music fans really like it. It should be up on my page fairly soon.

Analogy Direction:: Seven minutes and fourty seconds of dream trance really, although it is very orchestral with strings and pianos and whatnot. Makes up the second to last track on Future Life regardless of how much I write in between Nitrous Sine and this.

Ascention:: The antithesis of Descention. Finally combines the computer speech synth in with my music. Another long song and very orchestral, it's alot like Analogy Direction, although more dance oriented. It's very uplifting and it makes up the last song on future life. It build forever until it finally hits a section where the vocals end and the bassline kicks in at 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

Sention (Side Angle Reprose):: Simply a reprose of Softer/Descention into Ascention. If you know what the concept is already, then you'll be able to figure out exactly what I mean by Side Angle, if you think you know it, this probably makes you want to take back your guess. If you don't know it at all, you're one of my friends and you listen to my music to humor me, assholes! and to people who just don't get it (you're not alone) even though it's 6:57, it sounds rushed for a very good reason.

NOTE:: I'm almost done Future Life-I need to finish one more allude and a song called Derail, then I do the insert and crank copies and shit.