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Future Life Promo Ad Type Thing


Future Life is one hour and eleven minutes of Breakbeat/Progressive House music by Dj Rust. It's an original and independant production down to the cd duplication. While I have nothing against electronic music labels, I mean, I hope to be on one at some point, but I haven't exactly been picked up yet, so independant seems to be the way to go.


1.)BorneBack 6:05

2.)Ominous 0:26

3.)Softer 4:17

4.)Descention 4:05

5.)Future Life 4:30

6.)Gate 4:30

7.)Cycle 1:12

8.)Arenal f/ Krystel Reina 7:25

9.)Sanction 8:01

10.)Motivation Waiting 7:35

11.)AntiClimactic 1:31

12.)Analogy Direction 7:40

13.)Ascention 7:37

14.)Sention (Side Angle Reprose) 6:57


Because Future Life is a completely independant production, I can completely control the costs and distribution. Also, I'm not in it for the money, so I'm basically selling the cds to cover only the costs of making and distributing the album. Anyone who wants a copy can email me at and either arrange to pick it up if they live in the philadelphia area and/or know me, or I can mail it to wherever. The cost of the cd is simply $5. However, anyone who is thinking of buying the cd should email me first before they go sending money to me. Once again, the cost of the cd is only reflecting the cost of making and distributing the cds.


Future Life is a concept album. The songs are set up in a specific way to reflect a given cycle. Exactly what that cycle is, I'm not telling concretely. It can mean different things for different people, and of course I have a given direction that it goes in, but other people have different directions and I'd like to be able to let that happen. It's set up with three alludes to break it up, and the lyrics and words or whatever are in the liner notes of the cd. The alludes and Ascention contain a computer speech synth from analogX called Sayit, then put through all kinds of effects and whatnot. SENTION (Side Angle Reprose) Technically shouldn't be part of the cd. The cd should really end at Ascention, but for whatever reason it doesn't. IF you've heard this before, or even if you haven't, it's a rushed tour through Softer Descention and Ascention (hence reprose). It being a "side angle reprose" simply means that this is how you could see the entire process from the outside. Everything up to this point is internal, and this breaks that track. Take it as you will.

questions, comments, and whatever can be mailed to