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STANTON STR8-60 TURNTABLES Stanton STR8-60's, my first decks. Very basic tech's clone, ya know, like 33,45 pitch +or- 10%, feather start/stop, etc etc; EXCEPT for the straight tone arm, which I personally think is a pretty damn cool feature. They come with Stanton 500AL2's which I still have yet to change.
NUMARK DM1002X MIXER My first mixer, obviously got it with the Stantons. It's fairly cool even though it cost like relatively nothing. 3band EQ's, 3band KILLS (ahhhhh, kills are good....) and other nifty shit.
POS DIGITECH FX PROCESSOR Like the name says, it's a Piece Of Shit Guitar FX Processor I work with on occasion. nothing big, it's rackmount and I forget the model offhand, but I know it's a digitech, and not in the rp series, way before that.
TASCAM PORTA02 The Tascam Porta02 is basically the cheapest multitrack recording setup you can get. It set me back about $100 when I was the lead singer of Fallout Boy, back in the day. It's 4 tracks (2 simultaneous) and it SUCKS. However, this is what I use to keep track of what's good mixing and bad mixing as well as transferring sounds from my basement to my computer.
COMPAQ PRESARIO POS My computer SUCKS! It's a Presario 5070, and even with all the upgrades I put in it, it still works like a cupid (for those who weren't around back then, it was a 386/486 33mhz speed demon back in the 80's) This is even after I added a new Hard Drive, 192Mb RAM and a new soundcard.
FRUITYLOOPS3 This is the main component of what I use to make my music. It's everything. Software sampler and synthesis in one program along with a sequencer. The only thing it doesn't do is wave editing. If you're starting out programming music I'd strongly suggest downloading a demo of this from
BUZZ TRACKER Buzz is this ungodly program that's surprisingly a freeware tracker that's actually decent. I mean, admittedly all the other trackers (with the exception of Madtracker) are things I won't touch with a twenty foot pole. It's basically made up of generators and effects (not samplers, although it has them too). It's complete music synthesis. This is really for hardcore music programmers who need one distinctive uncompromising sound. We're wierd like that sometimes. You can pick it up for FREE at with the machines (generators and effects) at
COOL EDIT PRO Cool Edit Pro, by Syntrillium Software is one of two wave editors that I'll use for chopping up samples and giving a distinct sample a very distinct effect as a sample. If you followed all that, you're a programmer, so you probably already use this or soundforge.
SoundForge5 Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge 5 is my newest musical toy. It's a wave editor that kinda reminds me of Cool Edit Pro without the noise reduction stuff, although it does work faster and has a neater interface. The two aren't that different, which is why I usually use both in combination because I'll use all the effects in one and then realize it doesn't have one distinct effect making me switch programs. GRRRR.