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HaloDevFinance Package, also known as HDF is the most current project in Halo Development



Projected Completion Date:

HDF is a financial package which is based on the idea of an "OS Wrapper". It goes over the MS-DOS operating system, but is fully functional in Windows 3.1 through Windows XP. The plan is to create an ideal environment for business transactions and an extremely simple yet effective way to keep track of clientelle. It will work on just a few simple commands and for the most part will be open source which means that the source code (in c++) will be available on the site throughout the development of the program. However, Binaries (or the compiled program) will be sent out to select customers to beta test and eventually a finished product will be released.

Current Status:
Finished outlining the program guidelines and the "client" class is now completely working with the driver function we've written. Things are going smoothely so far. An open source page should be up soon with the files that are needed to compile what we've got so far.