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Web Design: We offer consulting of exactly where to host a given site and how much that will cost along with producing the layout of the page. These pages can include html, flash, javascript, and perl\cgi. Templates for web pages with free implementation range from $50-$75 depending on the types. Customizable options are also available for the templates and they range from $10-$200 depending on what needs to be customized and by how much. Ground up web design is also available on an low hourly basis at $25\hr. Hours range depending on the content of the site. Web site repair also works on a $25\hr fee, but typically takes much less time and has no additional costs for hosting unless a new hosting solution is required. CGI implementation is also available for consumer interaction. This service is based on a $30\hr rate
With all hourly rates, the customer is provided with an hourly report of exactly what was completed and when. One of the unique features of halodev is the user interaction ability in web design. Once design is started on a site, the customer has the ability to view the progress of the design on a temporary subdomain and respond directly to the author through email as the site is developed. This is a unique feature of HaloDev and is simply designed to give the user the most control over the finished product as possible.

Graphic Design: graphic design is almost always a part of web design although there are always many other uses for it. We can design logos, flyers, promotional material and essentially any graphics application you might think of. As with web design, we charge on the hourly rate of $25. However, graphic design almost always consumes less time than graphic design. In most cases, all that is needed is a sketch of the design and in about an hour, the finished product (in the format of your choice) will either be emailed to you or put on a floppy disk or cd. After you see the design, feel free to make corrections at no additional cost.

Programming: All of our software products can be tailored to individual needs. Extra fields or objects can be customized and businesses can have the software tailored to fit their distinct needs. Customizing our software is on a per-job rate and is dependent on the level of customization. Hopefully, the software will also be able to be ported, or rewritten for other operating systems, such as Linux, UNIX, and MacOS. If you have an idea of what you'd like customized check out the contact section of the page and let us know.